With the 2018 event season in full swing, we wanted to share a few of our favorite things that we’ve been incorporating into designs. From floral to lighting to linens and rentals, this year’s newest trends, like marble and geodes, are refreshing additions to tried and true elements, such as string lighting and lanterns. What are your favorite things?


For those who weren’t blessed with a green thumb, and even for those who were, succulents are becoming popular home items as well as accents for centerpieces, floral arrangements, place settings and more. Since succulents can stand alone or add a new element to full floral arrangements, these plants are an outstanding way to add a few more natural accents to your design and around your event.


The ghosts of geology classes past are not here to haunt you, we promise! With truly and totally unique crystal or nodule patterns and shapes, no two geodes are the same. Bringing these one-of-a-kind elements and minerals into your event not only creates noteworthy and remarkable pieces for guests to marvel over, but also adds creative pops of color!


There’s something about lanterns that bring wonder, magic and enchantment into a design. Whether placed precisely on the floor of a ceremony site, down the aisle or on a table or pedestal, various shapes, color and natural light illuminating a walkway or table is something we simply love. With more distinct designs, lanterns are now brining even more personality into the overall look and feel of events.


We love marble the same way we love geodes! There is so much to admire about the natural and raw, yet sleek and modern look of marble on the dinner table. Marble has become a staple pattern for almost everything, not just counter tops! From notebooks to small bags to alarm clocks and phone cases, marble is also now found on linens. And you can bet that marble linens are one of our favorite things.

String Lights

An integral part of establishing and creating an effective atmosphere is lighting! Uplighting, downlighting, moving projected patterns, spotlights and so much more play a significant role in establishing the tone and mood for an event. String lights are currently one of our favorites for both indoor and outdoor events as they bring about feelings of joy, romance, freedom, elegance and always a good time!

Are these also on your list of favorite things? Wondering what else we have in store? Send us an email at events@bookmcr.com to design an event full of all of your favorite things!