Chiavairi Chairs & Barstools


The Chiavari Chair was first designed in the early 1800’s on the Northern Italian Coast and became a masterpiece throughout Europe.  Praised by known historical figures such as Napoleon III and Charles Albert of Savoy, the Chiavari Chair is known to be a highly decorative and sophisticated element expressing a sense of elegance and royalty.

We believe that all elements within the room should be brought to life including chairs.  Adding the sheer elegance of the Chiavari Chair brings a sense of wonder and glamour to any function be it a Wedding, Corporate Event, Political Party, or more. At MCR we offer the following colors of Chiavari Chairs and Barstools for your future function:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Mahagony
  • Acrylic (transparent)

White Padded Resin


Simplistic, comfortable, affordable, and a standard in the industry.  White Padded Resin Chairs are used for a variety of private events from Weddings, Bridal Showers, Graduations, and more!   More comfortable than a standard folding chair, the white resin proves to be the preferred choice for countless events throughout the year for all functions!

Crossback Chairs


When designing an event that has all characteristics and qualities to it, look no further than the versatile cross back chair. Whether you are designing in a rustic barn, a vintage mansion, a contemporary hotel, or an elegant wine dinner, MCR’s cross back chairs will make a statement and a difference to any and all table design!

Phoenix Chairs


The Phoenix Chair is the new sleek look for a more contemporary styled wedding. With it’s rounded back and intricate back seated pattern, this style of chair will be an eye catcher in any setting. MCR offers Phoenix chairs in three different resins style colors of translucent Acrylic, Tea, and White.

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