An all occasion DJ/MC with the right music tailored specifically to each event.

This is how Josh presents himself as an entertainer, he is never afraid to go the extra mile for someone to make their event memorable.
“I started out as a guitar player learning to play my favorite tracks. These artists, mostly rock, taught me that there was a much deeper meaning to music, one that no teacher could ever explain. I discovered that you could literally make people feel a certain way, you could almost coax people into behaving in a particular manor just by playing different styles of music. Naturally, I had to test this for myself. Sure enough, I would find myself listening to a piece of music and feeling; just feeling, all sorts of emotions: happiness, sadness, sorrow, jealousy, anxiousness… you name it! I could listen to an upbeat song and feel extremely amped up, like I want to quite literally jump out of my seat. Then I remember, I am sitting in a chair with my iPod so my jumping out of nowhere would be weird. I proved to myself that music can deliver an incredible feeling!

I made it a goal not to just know the words, but to understand the underlying message that the music sends and pass that feeling on. The absolutely remarkable meaning those lyrics carried made me passionate about really learning the music. I aim to deliver that throw-your-hands-in-the-air experience with every event.”

Josh Beatz specializes in giving the perfect feel-good atmosphere to your event. Whether it is a packed nightclub or the most extravagant private event, Josh is always eager to put on a show and make the night memorable. For him the roaring speakers, the elegant lighting, and the smiling faces make everything worthwhile.

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