Starlight Floor


It’s black, it sparkles, and it is an experience “over” the stars.   MCR is the proud owner and would like to introduce our unique Starlight Dance Floor.  With an array stunning fiber optics laced throughout this black acrylic dance floor, the Starlight Floor offers a stunning array of elegance, sophistication, and a jaw dropping experience to any wedding, gala, corporate, or private event.  With the capability of expanding to the size of 24×24, the Starlight Floor will add the extra wow experience to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

White Vinyl

Nothing sets the mood like a dance floor for everyone to celebrate on.  Rather than having a traditional parquet, MCR has the materials and staff to cover the floor and transform it with vinyl to set the stage with a completely different aesthtic to leave your guests in awe.  Ask about customized vinyl monograms, complete floor coverings in multiple colors, and unique customized vinyl designs.

Black & White

A fun design for all to see!   Our Black and White Dance Floor comes in 4′ x 4′ panels and can be made into different designs with Checkers, Stripes, Outline Patterns and more!

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