Possibly the epitome of 2018 trends, we’re incorporating textures, marble, levels of candlelight, clean and elegant exposed brick, all in an industrial and modern space. These are all our favorite trends wrapped in one! Did we mention some inspiration from the minimalism trend also played a role in the color pallet and décor details? An uncomplicated design that still radiates extravagance at every angle is something modern designers are striving for.

When classic meets contemporary, various elements and styles can merge together and create a whole new look and feel to an event. In this case, by keeping some classic elements and adding a few trends into the mix brought to life one of our favorite table designs yet, so, we’re pulling out and highlighting the best parts of this design!

Marble Napkins

Need we say more? Marble has been popping up everywhere and on everything, including linens! Meshing together soft and warm linens with hard and seemingly cold surfaces, like marble, forms a happy medium of warmth, texture and style, and personally, we love it!

Textured Linen

Adding textures is a huge trend that provides a little more detail and style without adding more items, thank you minimalists for teaching us your ways! Pairing the crinkle and marble linens are the perfect match since they complement each other’s color, pattern and texture (the trifecta).


The overall look and feel of your wedding or event is starting to become more popular than choosing colors or themes. An industrial and contemporary, but also elegant look and feel was accomplished through every element and detail. From the raw wall painted a crisp, bright and clean white to the blue uplighting, to the candlelight, the dark and moody atmosphere developed into a softer and graceful scene.


While adding to the overall atmosphere of the design, candles are also inviting and bring living energy into the design that otherwise might feel cold. Reflecting off the glasses and mirrored chargers added another layer of beauty and warmth.


Last, but definitely not least, is the floral arrangement, vase and all! An all-white, all-hydrangea design standing in the middle of the table is the perfect classic element to tie the design together. However, we’re transforming this classic piece into something more modern and trendy by not just showcasing the floral but also the vase, which provides a grand contemporary feel all on its own! So, what’s the main focal point, the tried and true floral or the modern vase?

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