Capturing the perfect overall look and feel for your event and ensuring your guests have the time of their lives are two important goals couples and hosts have. One of the most sought-after items to achieve both goals at once is a dance floor that captures the vision for your event and makes your guests want to get up and out of their seats! So, to make this task a little easier, we’ve rounded up our three floors that always make our clients and their guests swoon.

White Vinyl

Fit for royalty, something so clean and classic can brighten up the look of almost any room. The elegant and softness of a white vinyl floor makes you and your guests feel like you’re dancing right on top of the clouds. While complimenting your décor, the white floor also offers you the ability to project monograms or other patterns right onto the dance floor. Your initials, company logo, personal logos and more can add your individualized and personal touch to your event from all angles.

Black & White

Undecided between black or white, or just looking to add a little extra creativity? A black and white dance floor gives you the ability to create unique patterns using the two shades, which come in 4’ x 4’ panels. From a fun checkered pattern to squares inside of squares, to a black or white “X” running through the floor to outlining a black floor in white or vice versa, the possibilities become as large as your imagination. These amusing and inventive patterns are sure to add a little extra to your event and captivate your guests.


We’ve saved the best for last! Imagine your first dance above the stars with the light hitting your feet, shoes, or dress in the most miraculous ways. Or envision twinkling lights moving under your feet to get the party started as you and your guests get down to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. A starlight dance floor truly brings magic to your event, much like the endless stars in Space Mountain add a little more “Disney Magic” to your experience.  Whether you’re looking for something to get your guests up and moving with your band or DJ, or you’re on the hunt to add some simply unforgettable, magical and enchanting moments to your event, don’t overlook a starlight floor.

Still not sure which dance floor will get your guests out of their seats or work best with your event’s overall look and feel? Send us a message at to ask our experts!