Living the most beautiful moments of life just once isn’t enough. Being able to relive a magical celebration of love, marriage, family, coming of age, and more is beautiful just in itself! Capturing memories (all the laughs, smiles, winks, tears of joy) and the pure beauty of your event (the venue, décor, bouquets, atmosphere) is what MCR videographers do best!

Options include full videos, highlight reels, or even creative movie trailers depicting your life as a real film, and you’re the star!

MCR Design Group also offers Drone Videography! With breathtaking aerial footage that takes you to new heights, literally, what better way to remember your day than from a new perspective?

Watch from a 360 degree view as:

  • Your guests arrive.
  • You exchange your first “I do.”
  • The venue and miraculous scenery shine.
  • Love and magic fill your celebration!
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